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Posts with #mpps v18 tag

MPPS V18 clone works on Windows 7 OK

January 19 2017 Published on #mpps v18, #mpps clone

Which Windows system is OK to run Mpps v18 china/eu clone? Windows 7 is the only one officially tested no issues by obdii365.com. But for Windows xp, win 8, win 10, some make it, some fail. Anyway, good luck with mpps software. - MPPS V18 Windows XP:...

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How to Remap Opel Astra 1.9cdti EDC16C9 via MPPS clone

January 2 2017 Published on #mpps v16, #mpps v18

How to remap Opel Astra 1.9cdti Bosch EDC16C9 with ECU tuning tools? Using MPPS V18 (V18.12.3.8) china or MPPS V16 (V16.1.02) clone? Here is a tutorial of Astra EDC16C9 remap with mpps ecu flasher. Using MPPS V16 clone or MPPS V18 china? Mpps v18 wins...

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MPPS V18 Clone Tested OK Opel ECU List

December 22 2016 Published on #MPPS v18, #MPPS clone

Here is the latest review of MPPS V18 china clone & Opel cars, and the full MPPS v18 car list ok to read and write Opel ECUs via CAN/K-line/OBD. Working MPPS v18 download for Opel ECU tuning: https://mega.nz/#!Jo9WSDwZ!a0HJHJlUzhnY4oxf5v-ZZ5_LIlkpr_N34O8jbz3o3iU...

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