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Posts with #launch x431 gx3 tag

The automotive airbag Kai explosive situations

May 22 2013 Published on #x431 gx3, #launch x431 gx3

A regular airbag car diagnostic tool Kai burst is collision satisfy certain situations, the number of targeted traffic accidents, car occupant injury or perhaps life-threatening, the car close to retirement, but reach airbag Kai burst conditions, the...

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Fault Diagnosis of automotive brake systems overhaul

May 16 2013 Published on #launch x431 gx3, #car diangostic tool

1, the braking impact car diagnostic tool is adverse cars with braking, the braking deceleration is little, the braking distance is extended. Is normally due to: 1. Slave cylinder or master cylinder oil leakage can not assure sufficient oil pressure;...

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Ways to resolve the automobile flameout

May 10 2013 Published on #car diagnostic tool, #launch x431 gx3, #launch

Car flameout factors: 1, automatic launch x431 gx3 transmission models are usually not prone towards the phenomenon of flame, manual models driving level is not high, it may usually turn off phenomenon. But doesn't rule out the automatic transmission...

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Mazda unstable idle after cleansing throttle

March 21 2013 Published on #obd2, #auto, #car ecu programmer, #launch x431 gx3, #launch x431

An assembly car diagnostic tool of imported engines Hainan Mazda sedan. Auto clean throttle after idling high, in 1200r/min get down. Pick-up: Clear away the battery line to clear the unique value of mastering idle returned to usual following the re-fitted....

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Chery to accelerate engine dysfunctional failure Induce Option

March 15 2013 Published on #obd2, #auto, #car ecu programmer, #launch x431 gx3, #launch x431

Failure phenomenon auto diagnostic tool : through acceleration, the engine velocity may well not be a corresponding boost, but dysfunctional, even flameout. The vehicle had cleaned the throttle entire body, replace the spark plug failure stays. Examine...

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How you can diagnosis the engine overheating

March 11 2013 Published on #obd2, #auto, #car ecu programmer, #launch x431 gx3, #launch x431

Engine auto diagnostic tool overheating is certainly a vicious failure, which straight harm the engine, and in extreme scenarios can cause catching or strain of the piston plus the cylinder. So, as soon as the engine overheating needs to be based on its...

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Never neglect the engine coke

March 7 2013 Published on #obd2, #auto, #car ecu programmer, #launch x431 gx3, #launch x431

A variety of kinds of car ECU programmer engine function, due to the impact of the pertinent components are extra or less deposit formation. The coke is actually a fuel or lubricating oil inside the large temperature and oxygen under the action in the...

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