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What You should Notice When Using Launch M-diag Lite Scanner

February 6 2017 Published on #Launch M-Diag

Launch M-diag Lite is 2017 newly released Bluetooth OBDII scanner, a small box with many basic diagnostic functions and special functions. Many friends has bought from obdii365.com, here are some kindly tips when using M-diag. Hope it helps! 1. Launch...

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Launch M-Diag Bluetooth OBDII Scanner for IOS and Android

January 13 2017 Published on #Launch Easydiag, #Launch M-diag

Here comes the new Launch Golo OBDII diagnostic code scanner Launch M-Diag with built-in Bluetooth, designed for full-system diagnostics (incl. bi-directional capabilities) on mobile phones running IOS or Android system. M-diag (mobilediag) is the update...

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