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Posts with #galletto v53 tag

Engine flameout, uneven idling speed troubleshooting

May 27 2013 Published on #digiprog 3, #gm mdi, #galletto v53

Engine flameout digiprog 3 occurs, speed phenomena for example uneven or excessive speed must be timely symptomatic judge, inspection and exclusion. 1, idle flameout After beginning the engine, from low speed to high speed works nicely, but stalled right...

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Manual / automatic integrated gearbox explain and driving standard expertise

May 3 2013 Published on #launch, #x431, #obd2, #galletto v53, #digiprog 3

Manual / automatic digiprog 3 integrated gearbox clarify and driving fundamental skills Manual / automatic integration gearbox, some individuals also called "semi-automatic gearbox. Because the name suggests, it advertised can be a manual and automatic...

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The vehicle can not be began Troubleshooting

April 28 2013 Published on #launch, #x431, #obd2, #galletto v53, #digiprog 3

Failure phenomenon digiprog 3 : a 7160ET Chery auto initially intermittent flameout phenomenon, then turn off completely can not be started by the on-site inspection discovered no high-pressure fire, but standard ignition coil and low voltage lines. Maintenance...

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Auto maintenance tips

April 26 2013 Published on #launch, #x431, #obd2, #galletto v53, #digiprog 3

The maintenance of the automobile Launch x-431 , you'll find two most important aspects, one by the repair station to provide you with all the mandatory upkeep. Around the other hand the owners for some routine maintenance. The typical maintenance of...

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The basic approach of automobile trouble 1st help

April 24 2013 Published on #launch, #x431, #obd2, #galletto v53, #digiprog 3

Car galletto v53 driving on the way, a basic kind of out there fault emergency repair, on behalf of, block, make up, tied off, quick, less alter. Within the certain application, a single of these procedures or more of your following techniques can be...

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To adjust the skills with the rearview mirror

April 22 2013 Published on #launch, #x431, #obd2, #auto diagnostic tool, #galletto v53, #digiprog 3

Rearview mirror galletto v53 is definitely the critical object of your auto, the driver "behind the eyes", plays an extremely critical function in protected driving, so to adjust, it is actually particularly important for secure driving, then how to appropriately...

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