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6 points of your motor vehicle engine maintenance

March 28 2013 Published on #digiprog 3, #obd2, #fgtech, #launch x-431, #auto

The six factors of launch x-431 the auto engine maintenance one. The use of the lubricating oil from the right high quality level Gasoline engine attachments and circumstances of use of the consumption and exhaust system optional SD - SF grade gasoline...

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Car Inspection and Maintenance

March 22 2013 Published on #fgtech, #galletto 2, #fgtech galletto 2-master, #obd2, launch x-431

The air conditioning filter fgtech really should be replaced or checked. Using the climate progressively cools, we can be regarded for superior low temperature fluidity of oil. Cars burning oil oil supplement. If just the typical maintenance cycle oil...

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