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Posts with #car code scanner tag

iOBD2 Diagnostic Tool for iPhone with WIFI

April 30 2014 Published on #car code scanner

iOBD2 is a vehicle diagnostic tool for iPhone, and it communicates with these smart phones by WIFI. It supports OBDII/EOBDII. It records the data by the client software of the phone. It records data like engine speed, ignition time, fuel correction, fuel...

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How you can Diagnose Transmission Noises

February 21 2014 Published on #car code scanner

Although obd2 scanner most car transmission noises relate to inner parts and cannot be witnessed, their behavior and sound frequency generally take care of a moving part in accordance to engine rpm or stress. Other worn automobile components can mimic...

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Signs of the Poor Idle Air Control Valve

February 19 2014 Published on #car code scanner

An idle air management valve obd2 scanner , also named an IAC valve, is found in every single motor vehicle and it is positioned within of your throttle entire body. Whenever a car or truck idles at a red light or even though parked, the idle air handle...

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Citroen C5 parking assist method will not work

February 1 2013 Published on #car obd2 tools, #car code scanner, #car diagnostic tool

A mileage about 84800km, configure 3.0L engine, automated transmission Citroen C5 sedan. Reflects the owner: vehicle parking aid program parking distance detection perform isn't going to function, the distance measurement just isn't required parking wants....

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