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Posts with #auto diagnostic tool tag

The way to Self-Diagnose Automobile Engine Challenges

December 18 2013 Published on #auto diagnostic tool

Test the alternator and battery for weak output. Connect a volt meter or multimeter for the positive and detrimental battery posts although the engine is off. This tests the electrical power from the battery. A wholesome battery reads in between 12.5...

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To adjust the skills with the rearview mirror

April 22 2013 Published on #launch, #x431, #obd2, #auto diagnostic tool, #galletto v53, #digiprog 3

Rearview mirror galletto v53 is definitely the critical object of your auto, the driver "behind the eyes", plays an extremely critical function in protected driving, so to adjust, it is actually particularly important for secure driving, then how to appropriately...

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Volkswagen Passat New Lingyu inability to accelerate(1)

January 14 2013 Published on #auto, #obd2, #auto diagnostic tool

A auto diagnostic tool mileage about 60000km 10 Volkswagen Passat Passat 1.8T sedan. Reflects the proprietor: The automobile accelerated weakness phenomenon. Driving the greatest speed barely able to attain 130 km / h, but overtaking capability is poor....

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