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iOBD2 Diagnostic Tool for iPhone with WIFI

April 30 2014 Published on #car code scanner

iOBD2 is a vehicle diagnostic tool for iPhone, and it communicates with these smart phones by WIFI. It supports OBDII/EOBDII. It records the data by the client software of the phone. It records data like engine speed, ignition time, fuel correction, fuel...

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Inspect 5 vehicle parts to troubleshoot overheating engine

April 24 2014 Published on #car diagnostic tool

Overheating engine is commonly seen in automotives. What is the reason? How to troubleshoot? Obdii365.com informs you to inspect 5 vehicle parts to troubleshoot overheating engine. 1. Inspect Engine Coolant Level, Test for Leaks and Test Radiator CapWhy...

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Troubleshooting GM Ignition Control Module

April 11 2014 Published on #car diagnostic tool

The most important part of ATMEGA64 Repair Chip a vehicle's ignition system, including a GM vehicle, is the ignition control module because it regulates all aspects of the ignition, including the spark plugs. Mechanics use a special diagnostic scope to...

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