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Reconnecting Heater Hoses and Coolant Controls

February 28 2014 Published on #car diagnostic tool

Here MINI DSG Reader we're demonstrating the best way to alter a heater core on a late model Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer. On this phase we're planning to talk about the suitable support procedure for reconnecting your vehicle's heater hoses as...

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Tips on how to Check Engine Vacuum Hoses

February 25 2014 Published on #car diagnostic tool

When you appear obd2 diagnostic beneath the hood of the car, you are going to see what appears to be an intricate highway of hoses connecting various points with the engine to electronic, plastic and weird-looking metal components. But this internet of...

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How you can Diagnose Transmission Noises

February 21 2014 Published on #car code scanner

Although obd2 scanner most car transmission noises relate to inner parts and cannot be witnessed, their behavior and sound frequency generally take care of a moving part in accordance to engine rpm or stress. Other worn automobile components can mimic...

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Signs of the Poor Idle Air Control Valve

February 19 2014 Published on #car code scanner

An idle air management valve obd2 scanner , also named an IAC valve, is found in every single motor vehicle and it is positioned within of your throttle entire body. Whenever a car or truck idles at a red light or even though parked, the idle air handle...

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How to Repair a Defective Fuel Gauge

February 17 2014 Published on #car diagnostic tool

Your fuel gauge obd2 diagnostic , while you may possibly anticipate, enables you to understand how a great deal fuel is with your gas tank. A defective fuel gauge could be a symptom of quite a few complications such as a blown fuse, a broken circuit during...

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The way to Stop a car From Dropping Power

February 12 2014 Published on #car diagnostic tool

Whether your vehicle NEXIQ 125032 is owning difficulty commencing, struggling to obtain up to speed or using up additional fuel, the loss of electrical power while in the car or truck might be frustrating around the road and a money discomfort. So test...

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