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The way to remedy car or truck engine overheat

June 27 2013 Published on #car diagnostic tool

Idle running time is too lengthy triggers the water temperature is also higher. Symptom: Engine idle working time is also long will "boil", even though instruments inside the high temperature warning light is lit. Troubleshooting: Parking examination...

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Techniques of Manual / automatic gearbox driving

June 19 2013 Published on #obd2 tool

Manual / automatic gearbox In depth options and driving the integration of fundamental abilities: Manual / automatic gearbox integration, a number of people also known as "semi-automatic gearbox." Since the identify implies, it can be advertised is often...

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Within the muddy road during the protected driving skills

June 17 2013 Published on #obd2 tool

Muddy car diagnostic tool street with safe driving tips 1st, set aside more than ten seconds from room You can find loads of water muddy road or pavement, targeted visitors to slow acceleration, if it's re-start the automobile parking, refueling also...

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Airbag constructed using conservation

June 13 2013 Published on #obd2 tool

Car airbags, a car diagnostic tool has become a choice vital indicator of safety. But this matter of lifestyle and death, but number of people today understand how to balloon to sustain it, and said balloon building, functionality ...... is even known...

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Auto ABS method for the classification and efficiency

June 11 2013 Published on #obd2 tool

The complete name in the car diagnostic tool ABS technique is electronically controlled anti-lock brake program, its role is to make the auto for the duration of braking, full use from the adhesion from the wheels, the wheel brakes in the most effective...

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Automotive carbon reduction

June 6 2013 Published on #obd2 scan tool

Prevention, car diagnostic tool reduction and removing of coke are quite a few ways 1: significant excellent petrol filling Wax and gum in gasoline will be the formation of carbon impurities such because the major element, the significant cleanliness...

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Winter affecting fuel consumption for numerous reasons

June 4 2013 Published on #launch

Car engine car diagnostic tool get the job done required to possess typical temperatures (80 ~ 90). If the temperature is as well large, the engine cooling procedure can immediately alter the cooling water, boost the heat, take out extra heat; Conversely,...

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