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6 points of your motor vehicle engine maintenance

March 28 2013 Published on #digiprog 3, #obd2, #fgtech, #launch x-431, #auto

The six factors of launch x-431 the auto engine maintenance one. The use of the lubricating oil from the right high quality level Gasoline engine attachments and circumstances of use of the consumption and exhaust system optional SD - SF grade gasoline...

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Car fix understanding of engine piston rings antifriction

March 26 2013 Published on #obd2, #auto, #car ecu programmer, #launch x431, #galletto 2

Engine fgtech piston ring antifriction measures The piston ring is one of the crucial elements with the engine, its operate a direct impact on the overall performance of the engine. , Piston rings and sporting components, servicing piston rings, piston...

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Car Inspection and Maintenance

March 22 2013 Published on #fgtech, #galletto 2, #fgtech galletto 2-master, #obd2, launch x-431

The air conditioning filter fgtech really should be replaced or checked. Using the climate progressively cools, we can be regarded for superior low temperature fluidity of oil. Cars burning oil oil supplement. If just the typical maintenance cycle oil...

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Mazda unstable idle after cleansing throttle

March 21 2013 Published on #obd2, #auto, #car ecu programmer, #launch x431 gx3, #launch x431

An assembly car diagnostic tool of imported engines Hainan Mazda sedan. Auto clean throttle after idling high, in 1200r/min get down. Pick-up: Clear away the battery line to clear the unique value of mastering idle returned to usual following the re-fitted....

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Chery to accelerate engine dysfunctional failure Induce Option

March 15 2013 Published on #obd2, #auto, #car ecu programmer, #launch x431 gx3, #launch x431

Failure phenomenon auto diagnostic tool : through acceleration, the engine velocity may well not be a corresponding boost, but dysfunctional, even flameout. The vehicle had cleaned the throttle entire body, replace the spark plug failure stays. Examine...

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How you can diagnosis the engine overheating

March 11 2013 Published on #obd2, #auto, #car ecu programmer, #launch x431 gx3, #launch x431

Engine auto diagnostic tool overheating is certainly a vicious failure, which straight harm the engine, and in extreme scenarios can cause catching or strain of the piston plus the cylinder. So, as soon as the engine overheating needs to be based on its...

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Never neglect the engine coke

March 7 2013 Published on #obd2, #auto, #car ecu programmer, #launch x431 gx3, #launch x431

A variety of kinds of car ECU programmer engine function, due to the impact of the pertinent components are extra or less deposit formation. The coke is actually a fuel or lubricating oil inside the large temperature and oxygen under the action in the...

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The Tiguan engine emissions lights often lit(III)

March 5 2013 Published on #obd2 code reader, #obd2 scanner, #auto diagnosis, #obd2 scan tool

Due the auto diagnostic tool fault of the motor vehicle is half previous a single will try out, and now the information stream is naturally the deviation is also big, I feel over the Run in this kind of a period of time after the fault code will still...

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The Tiguan engine emissions lights from time to time lit(I)

March 2 2013 Published on #obd2 code reader, #obd2 scanner, #auto diagnosis, #obd2 scan tool

Tiguan 1.8T SUV car obd2 tools car or truck. The entrepreneurs claimed: motor vehicle operating for quite a while following the engine emissions lantern lit, this failure is repeatedly fixed over and over. Go through fault codes, the upkeep technician...

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