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Honda Accord energy steering system fault detection evaluation

February 27 2013 Published on #obd2 code reader, #obd2 scanner, #auto diagnosis, #obd2 scan tool

Honda Accord car ECU programmer sedan using the continual flow hydraulic power steering method, the technique primarily consists of energy steering, the steering mechanism and steering linkage parts. The power of steering device including power steering,...

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Engine isn't going to get started and the way to try and do?

February 25 2013 Published on #obd2 code reader, #obd2 scanner, #auto diagnosis, #obd2 scan tool

We must first auto diagnostic tool test whether or not the distributor, spark plugs, electrical power lines, etc. as the auto rain along with other moisture. Should the damp components to dry, after which launched. Right or make use of the hair dryer...

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Note inside the Car repair and Car diagnostic tool

February 21 2013 Published on #obd2 code reader, #obd2 scanner, #auto diagnosis, #obd2 scan tool

Small repairs yourself Another air filter, MaxiScan EU702 safety bulb this reside totally not vital on the 4S store light queued to have to wait an hour, and had to catch a high degree of working hrs, costs, have that time Dounong in excess of. So like...

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Volkswagen Jetta can't boot failure

February 19 2013 Published on #car diagnostic tool, #obd2 scan tool, #obd2 software

Models, car obd2 tools assemble the two-valve the BJG engine of a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta sedan. Owners: get started vain automobile soon after car standard flame, flip on the ignition switch about the dashboard EPC lamp will not be lit, the decoder can...

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Citroen C5 parking assist method will not work

February 1 2013 Published on #car obd2 tools, #car code scanner, #car diagnostic tool

A mileage about 84800km, configure 3.0L engine, automated transmission Citroen C5 sedan. Reflects the owner: vehicle parking aid program parking distance detection perform isn't going to function, the distance measurement just isn't required parking wants....

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