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A consequence of reduction of electricity of Mercedes-Benz

January 30 2013 Published on #car diagnostic tool, #automotive, #obd2, #code scanner

A mileage fgtech galletto of about 70000KM Benz S400 hybrid sedan. Vehicle triggering the automobile reduction of electrical energy, listen to your radio for a long time cannot start off. Next auto: the auto could be a smooth get started, it is suggested...

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Why Mercedes car or truck not start off

January 28 2013 Published on #car diagnostic tool, #automotive, #obd2, #code scanner

2012 annual digiprog 3 output of Mercedes-Benz A160 automobiles a mileage of about 30,000 km. Reflects the proprietor: car or truck keys are unable to start off the motor vehicle. Pick-up: servicing personnel check, identified the car flip the ignition...

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Volkswagen Passat intermittent motor flameout

January 24 2013 Published on #automotive, #obd2, #car ECU programmer

The super car ECU programmer mileage 100000km, equipped with AWL engine Shanghai Passat 1.8T sedan. Proprietors reflect the automobile in normal driving, the motor quickly stalled. Failure to sure guidelines, flameout consecutive start off immediately...

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How to solve the car Fault lights

January 22 2013 Published on #automotive, #obd2, #car diagnostic tool

Super ford key programmer auto mileage 240000km, configure the M272 engine Mercedes-Benz S350 sedan. Demonstrates the owner: The car motor fault lights. Pick check the fault light lights, activate diagnostic DAs are read through engine fault code 0278:...

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Chevrolet Cruze 1.6L engine abnormal sound

January 18 2013 Published on #auto, #obd2, #car diagnostic tool

A mileage correction tool about 24000km sedan Chevrolet Cruze 1.6L. Reflects the operator: "da, da ..." abnormal sounds within the vehicle engine. Exam observed idling and acceleration inside the engine situation "da, da ...." abnormal audio, 1 by just...

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Volkswagen Passat New Lingyu inability to accelerate(1)

January 14 2013 Published on #auto, #obd2, #auto diagnostic tool

A auto diagnostic tool mileage about 60000km 10 Volkswagen Passat Passat 1.8T sedan. Reflects the proprietor: The automobile accelerated weakness phenomenon. Driving the greatest speed barely able to attain 130 km / h, but overtaking capability is poor....

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